Most of my live workshops have been turned into CDs. MORE WORKSHOPS ARE AVAILABLE BELOW BY
TELEPHONE: All workshops are copyrighted and may not be rerecorded, transcribed or copied in any way
without permission of the author. Each one costs $15.00.

"Vengeful God vs. Loving God"
The major religions generally include a god who is vengeful and punishes humans in the afterlife for what
they do in physical life.  The Source I came to know intimately by merging my Energy into its Energy is
incapable of either vengeance or punishment. This workshop discusses the various events in my afterlife
experience when I learned about Source's nature as well as the portions of  the documentary vision of the
history of religion in which I learned how and why humans came to believe in a vengeful god, hell and
Satan. 2 hours.

"Ghosts/After-Death Communications"
As spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies we all have the innate ability to communicate with all others,
living and dead. This workshop discusses real ghosts: what they are, why they exist, and how we can
communicate with them without using an intermediary. We also discuss the various types of spontaneous
after-death communications people have experienced and a scientific method of producing an after-death
communication on demand. 2 hours.

"How Human Love Differs From Unconditional Love"
Human animals are incapable of unconditional love; only the Light Being soul inhabiting the
human can feel unconditional love because it is part of our innate spiritual nature as parts of Source. This
workshop discusses the various emotions humans mistake for love, including sexual attraction, neediness,
gratitude and others, and how they fall short of unconditional love. Unconditional love at the Source is also
discussed and described.

"How to Conquer Fear"
Our host bodies have the innate animal survival instinct of fear -- fear of the known and unknown, fear of
change, fear of pain and suffering, and more. But in our natural state as spiritual Beings of Light we feel no
fear. The workshop will discuss what I learned in the afterlife about fear, how it warps our human
personalities, and how to use our spiritual character trait of being fearless to
help us manage and overcome the fear our bodies experience in different types of situations, including
major lifestyle changes, breaking up a relationship, managing a major illness, and losses of all kinds. Seven
steps to conquering fear will be provided.

"How to Reconcile Spirituality with Religion"
While in the afterlife watching a documentary-type review of human history, I learned that everything I had
previously believed about God, myself and life was mostly wrong. It was backwards from the truths I had
learned in the afterlife. This workshop discusses how I learned to let go of my former religious beliefs while
keeping those parts that I could harmonize with the
truths that I had learned in the afterlife. I think this is a process we all go through as we seek enlightenment
and offer this workshop as a guide. 2 hours.

"How We Spend Our Time in the Afterlife"
What is life in the afterlife like? Do we still have our human families? Do our pets join us in
heaven? Are we judged and punished for what we did in human life? Will our bodies resurrect and join us
on the last day? How does reincarnation work, and more. 1 1/2 hours.

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Coaching Services
Spiritual Author
Nanci Danison
I learned in the afterlife that there are two great engines created by Source/God that drive human
life: biology and manifesting.

Knowings I received in the afterlife showed me that the biology of human animals has evolved over
the ages in accordance with the laws of nature. A lot of what we experience in life is simply the
product of the animal survival instinct. This instinct drives most of our day-to-day activities, such as
eating, drinking, sleeping, recreation, procreation, and nesting. Many people lead human lives
consisting almost exclusively of these activities, just as Source/God anticipated. We incarnated souls
are here, after all, so that Source can experience firsthand what it is like to live as a human.

The non-biological aspects of life are generated by our spiritual ability as parts of Source (what we
call "souls") to literally create what humans perceive as physical matter and physical reality--in a
watered down version of how Source created the universe. Most of our manifesting is done
unconsciously, and reflects our deeply held beliefs about life, ourselves, and the world in which we
find ourselves. We can tell what those beliefs are simply by looking at the non-biological events of
our lives. If we are unhappy with what we see, we can always change our human life experiences by identifying
the root belief from which we are manifesting the undesirable ones, change that belief, and start unconsciously
manifesting from a healthier or more useful belief. In addition, we souls can train ourselves how to consciously
manifest specific events and opportunities into our human lives using the tools I was given in the afterlife. All it
takes is "attention and intention."

The manifesting formula of "attention and intention" is simple in concept but often leaves us unsure about its
application to a specific part of our lives that we want to change. That's where Manifesting Coaching comes in. In
a telephone call I can help you create a manifesting plan specific to your desired goal. I will suggest types of
"attention" to pay to your goal, such as research you can do, places to go, and other activities designed to focus
your attention on your manifesting goal as well as position you to see it once it appears. Then I will help you frame
your intention to manifest that goal, including words or thoughts to use and how to get into the spiritually
creative frame of mind. If it appears to me that you have an old, erroneous belief at the root of your current
manifesting, we will work through identifying that belief, whether you still accept it as true, and how to change it
to something more in line with your manifesting goals.

All sessions are one-on-one with me and completely confidential. The registration fee goes to my publisher to
help defray the astonishing increase in book distribution costs. When you order a session, the publisher will
send you an email asking you to contact me with three dates and times that you are available for the session. You
and I will correspond by email to confirm a selected date and time. On that date and at that time we will both call
into a teleconference center for our private conversation.

I am not a psychic, medium, or health care professional. I'm a multiple afterlife experiencer. What I offer you is the
guidance I remember being given in the afterlife about how to consciously manifest experiences into your life.

1 hour Coaching Session -- $100                                                          Half hour Coaching Session -- $50
Radio Shows and Recorded Workshops
Victor "the Voice" Fuhrman, a healer, spiritual counselor, ordained minister, and author, will interview me for an hour on his
show Vox Novus on December 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time on OM Times Radio. That website will have a list of radio shows
in the daily lineup for Thursday. You will find my show in the box labeled Vox Novus. You can listen live by going to the show's site

Lisa Virtue, a healer, channel, and yoga instructor, will interview me on her show for an hour on December 16, 2020 at 1:00
pm Eastern Time on New For The Soul Radio. You can listen live by going to