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"Vengeful God vs. Loving God"
The major religions generally include a god who is vengeful and punishes humans in
the afterlife for what they do in physical life.  The Source I came to know intimately by
merging my Energy into its Energy is incapable of either vengeance or punishment.
This workshop discusses the various events in my afterlife experience when I learned
about Source's nature as well as the portions of the documentary vision of the history
of religion in which I learned how and why humans came to believe in a vengeful god,
hell and Satan. 2 hours.

"Ghosts/After-Death Communications"
As spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies we all have the innate ability to
communicate with all others, living and dead. This workshop discusses real ghosts:
what they are, why they exist, and how we can communicate with them without using
an intermediary. We also discuss the various types of spontaneous after-death
communications people have experienced and a scientific method of producing an
after-death communication on demand. 2 hours.

"How Human Love Differs From Unconditional Love"
Human animals are incapable of unconditional love; only the Light Being soul
inhabiting the human can feel unconditional love because it is part of our innate
spiritual nature as parts of Source. This workshop discusses the various emotions
humans mistake for love, including sexual attraction, neediness, gratitude and others,
and how they fall short of unconditional love. Unconditional love at the Source is also
discussed and described.

"How to Conquer Fear"
Our host bodies have the innate animal survival instinct of fear -- fear of the known and
unknown, fear of change, fear of pain and suffering, and more. But in our natural state
as spiritual Beings of Light we feel no fear. The workshop will discuss what I learned in
the afterlife about fear, how to warps our human personalities, and how to use our
spiritual character trait of being fearless to help us manage and overcome the fear our
bodies experience in different types of situations, including major lifestyle changes,
breaking up a relationship, managing a major illness, and losses of all kinds. Seven
steps to conquering fear will be provided.

"How to Reconcile Spirituality with Religion"
While in the afterlife watching a documentary-type review of human history, I learned
that everything I had previously believed about God, myself and life was mostly wrong.
It was backwards from the truths I had learned in the afterlife. This workshop discusses
how I learned to let go of my former religious beliefs while keeping those parts that I
could harmonize with the truths I had learned in the afterlife. I think this is a process we
all go through as we seek enlightenment and offer this workshop as a guide. 2 hours.

"How We Spend Our Time in the Afterlife"
What is life in the afterlife like? Do we still have our human families? Do our pets join us
in heaven? Are we judged and punished for what we did in human life? Will our bodies
resurrect and join us on the last day? How does reincarnation work, and more. 1 1/2

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