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         Nanci Danison
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Midwest Book Review 5/11/12:
"'Backwards Beliefs' is a spiritual and metaphysical read that shouldn't be overlooked by
those intrigued about the spiritual faith and the afterlife."

Kirkus Reviews 11/15/11:
"In her third book concerning near-death experiences, the author sets out to compare the
spiritual truths she learned during the experience with ideas from organized religion. She
describes realizing or remembering truths about the universe, witnessing the Big Bang
and understanding that beings are not truly individuals but manifestations of God. . . .
Readers interested in near-death experiences may find the book compelling for its
depiction of reality."

Publishers Weekly 10/17/11:
"During a near-death experience, Danison connected with Source (her term for a
universal spirit in which all of creation resides) and viewed the entirety of human religious
history. Additionally, she came to realize the ways her Judeo-Christian upbringing misled
her and how people use organized religion for personal gain. Danison conveys a
message of universal love and hope, and encourages readers to abandon any fear of
death and be skeptical of people using religion to advance nonspiritual agendas or claim
exclusive license over the truth. She also provides a summary of the evolution of the
Judeo-Christian tradition to highlight where humanity has erred in the path from universal

Reviewer's Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review 11/9/10:
"'Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers' will be well received by students of
metaphysics, self improvement, and readers in the genre of spirituality. However, because
of the nature of the material, there will be controversy and opposition from traditional
academics, physicians, scientists, and theologians."

Ezine@rticles 10/17/10:
"Although active in a private law practice Danison's primary efforts today are directed
toward illuminating readers with the message of hope and love contained in her books
and CDs. Her work is well documented and thoroughly researched. . . Danison's work is
unique in her approach to using the wisdom given her by the source to diagnose and to
prescribe remedies for the healing needed throughout our world today."

TCM Reviews 9/10/10:
"Consistent with works such as Conversations with God and A Course in Miracles,
Backwards clarifies and simplifies the complexities that we tend to manifest into our lives."

Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer 9/23/10:
"[A]re we all going to have to wait until we pass across to discover what that experience
really is? In Nanci L. Danison's books these questions subside: here is a writer who is
trained in observing and listening and summarizing and convincing as only a fine trial
lawyer can. . . the author is very much worth reading and heeding."

Amos Lassen, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer 8/13/10:
"This is a book that lets you know what a near death experience is like and it will amaze
you. The book will startle you with revelations that you  never thought of and this is easily
one of the most controversial books I have ever read. I am not sure I agree with it but it
certainly gives me a great deal to think about.

Midwest Book Review 4/6/09:
"Forward thinking is fine in all, but one can find many answers just by looking back.
'Backwards Guidebook' is a second in a series called 'Backwards.' Asking many of life's
questions, ranging from God to the meaning of life, Danison and company keep it secular
while waxing philosophical in ways that will tax the mind, but leave it better from the
exercise. A strong choice for those looking for answers about life, the universe, and
everything, 'Backwards Guidebook' is a definite purchase for those who have read the
first and enjoyed it."

Midwest Book Review 5/8/08:
"BACKWARDS . . . is an examination of this phenomena (NDE) in which it's questioned
thoroughly with an educational eye, with a focus on the case of a true story of a big time
lawyer being on the brink . . . BACKWARDS is deftly written and researched, and highly
recommended . . . ."

Newspapers and Magazines

Review in Healthy Beginnings by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt:
"Nancy brings the credibility of a trial lawyer, highly trained to evaluate evidence, to her
account of the answers to our most pressing spiritual questions: What is God? Who am I?
What is the purpose of this life? What happens when we die? . . . She observed this
near-death experience with the detachment of a jurist. That jury-of-one found no evidence
to support the traditional religious model of 'heaven.' Instead, the reality she experienced
was much more intricate and fulfilling. It felt like returning to a very different but familiar

Review in Vital Signs, Summer 2010, by Beverly Brodsky for the
International Association for Near-Death Studies:
"Nanci went farther than most NDErs. . . . She looked at life, and death, from
multidimensional perspectives--the human, the soul, the Light Being, and Source. . . . If
you read just one new book about NDEs this year, make it this one."

Article in The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, WA, 2/7/09, by Andy Hoye,
entitled "Messages from near-death experiences"
"Danison's elaborate but very readable story is summarized in her first book,
"Backwards-Returning to Our Source for Answers" (A.P. Lee, 2007), and discussed more
formally in her new book, "Backwards Guidebook" (Lee, 248 pages, $15.95). She spent
many months taking notes from memory, recording as much as she could recall from her
experience. . . It's a pretty tough observation, which to me lends credibility: Danison is just
telling us what she learned - no sugar-coating."

Review in Enchantment newspaper, Sante Fe, NM, 11/08, in "Book
Chat" by Cindy Bellinger
"If you have ever wondered what happens after you die, this book offers a glimpse. In
1994, Author Nanci L. Danison 'died' then returned to life. Her resulting book is about what
she learned while on 'the other side,' and she explains her experiences with down-to-earth
metaphors and analogies. In language that's easy to understand, the book moves outside
the typical New Age mumbo-jumbo and you may find yourself saying 'hmmmm, let me
think about this.' . . . It's a provocative book."

Article in The San Francisco Examiner, 10/15/08:
"Nanci Danison, who calls herself a tough, big law firm litigator, says she is changed after
a near-death experience."

New Age Retailer, May 2008:
"Backwards gives exciting new perspectives on whom we really are, the afterlife, and how
we can use spiritual powers in our lives."

Other Reviewers and Critics

Review in, 11/25/11:
"Nanci L. Danison is the author of a series of three 'Backwards' books . . . 'backwards'
because that's how many academic authorities have understood the actual truths of life:
completely back to front!! These three books present what I consider to be the most
profound and clearest statements of the essence of things I've ever encountered, derived
directly from Nanci's astonishing near-death experiences and the Universal Knowledge
she was given when close to Source. All that, without ever becoming dogmatic nor
burdening us with a new belief system. What I like best is that she is one of the few that
realizes what is true from a human perspective is different from what is true from a
spiritual perspective; indeed, truth is multi-layered. If you are at all interested in what we
are doing here, living the human life, and why--and how to also live the spiritual life--then
these books are essential reading."

Mention on Eckhart-Tolle-Forum, 11/7/08:
"In her excellent book-Backwards-Returning to Our Source for Answers, based on her
personal experience beyond death, Nanci Danison had this to say on purpose: . . ."

Review on 2/5/09:
"If God is love, then God loves this book. This is a masterpiece; it is second-to-none, the
magnum opus of the near-death experience genre of books in particular--and I have read
the vast majority of them myself since the opening bell was rung by Ray Moody, MD with
"Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon-Survival of Bodily Death. . .
Specifically, I have never, ever been so inspired upon reading an NDE that tells it like it is
so forcefully from a scientific and spiritual perspective. This testimony has teeth; it does
not mince words. . ."

Review in 1/2/09:
"Nanci Danison; She had a near death experience with almost total recall and goes into
great detail as to the purpose of our existence. Very, very good information." Review at Forum 8/26/08: "I have also read a very enlightening book
called "Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers." There is a profound chapter in
part 3 entitled "What Happens When We Die."

Review at, 6/29/08:
"With this thought, I highly recommend "Backwards-Returning to Our Source for Answers,"
by Nanci Danison, a near-death experiencer of the tenth degree! . . . This book is
mind-boggling, however, I sense it is our time to awaken, and, thus, many are being
chosen to have such experience to help point the way. . . Ms. Danison's experience is the
most in-depth I have ever read and she is a very skilled wordsmith."

Mentioned at, 11/7/08:
"Outlines a life plan to access and maximize our true spiritual nature, including how to heal
ourselves, consciously manifest more favorable events in our lives, and enjoy
unconditional love."

Review at, 10/15/08:
"I am thankful for Nanci Danison's insightful recall of her personal NDE which resonated
deeply within me; and, as I read her account, I had the sense I was hearing truth spoken,
finally! I was recently privileged to hear Ms. Danison speak in person and found her
personal account of her profoundly life-changing experience surprisingly candid and
honest, thus, very credible - a woman who needed to do something with the knowledge
she was given during her incredible journey and in so doing, she's become God's
Messenger. This is a book I will return to over and over again."

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