BACKWARDS: Returning to Our Source for Answers, ISBN: 978-1-934482-39-1. $23.95 + S&H (A.P. Lee &
Co., Ltd. 2019
) is a 248-page, trade paperback that has been revised from the original 2007 hard cover edition and
answers the age-old questions about the meaning of life and the nature of the afterlife from the author's personal
experiences while dead.

BACKWARDS begins the story of Nanci Danison's incredible deep, transcendental near-death experience and outlines
her memories of the amazing "knowings" from Universal Knowledge about the meaning of life, the nature of God and
man, and how we can access our spiritual powers.


Preface, Acknowledgements                      12/ What Is and Isn't Unconditional Love
Part I - We Have It Backwards                    13/ Reeducation
1/ Life Is a Matter of Perspective                14/ Self-Healing
2/ What is God?                                          15/ Stop Judging
3/ What am I?                                              16/ Treat Each Other Responsibly
4/ What does God Expect of Me?                17/ Manifest Consciously
5/ What is the Purpose of Life?                   18/ Light Up Religious Institutions
6/ Where is Heaven?                                   Part III - What Happens When We Die?
7/ Where is Hell?                                         19/ Death as a Process
8/ What is the True Religion?                      20/ Nanci's Death
Part II - Applying the Lessons Learned        21/ Life as a Being of Light
9/ Living a New Way of Thinking                  22/ Back Into the Body
10/ Wake UP!                                               23/ Conclusion
11/ Who's in Charge?                                   Notes, Bibliography, Index

The popular book (by another author)
90 Minutes in Heaven gives us a brief glimpse into heaven from outside it.
BACKWARDS takes us deeply through all the levels of existence in the afterlife--all the way back to rejoining with the
Source/God. This is not an autobiography of the author's life before, during, and after her near-death experience.
Rather, it is a moving, eloquent description of her memories from that experience, including all the answers to the major
questions about life and death that religions attempt to answer. Everything in this book comes from the author's direct
contact with what she calls Universal Knowledge and intimate communication with the Source.

BACKWARDS challenges us to look beyond our ancient belief systems to a new understanding of life and death.
BACKWARDS guides us through a caring and comforting exploration of life beyond death from the perspective of one
who has actually lived it.

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Spiritual Author
Nanci Danison
Midwest Book Review 5/8/08:
"BACKWARDS . . . is an examination of this phenomena (NDE) in which it's questioned thoroughly with an educational eye, with a focus on the case
of a true story of a big time lawyer being on the brink . . . BACKWARDS is deftly written and researched, and highly recommended . . . ."

Review in Enchantment newspaper, Sante Fe, NM, 11/08, in "Book Chat" by Cindy Bellinger:
"If you have ever wondered what happens after you die, this book offers a glimpse. In 1994, Author Nanci L. Danison 'died' then returned to life. Her
resulting book is about what she learned while on 'the other side,' and she explains her experiences with down-to-earth metaphors and analogies. In
language that's easy to understand, the book moves outside the typical New Age mumbo-jumbo and you may find yourself saying 'hmmmm, let me
think about this.' . . . It's a provocative book."

New Age Retailer, May 2008:
"Backwards gives exciting new perspectives on whom we really are, the afterlife, and how we can use spiritual powers in our lives."

Review at, 10/15/08:
"I am thankful for Nanci Danison's insightful recall of her personal NDE which resonated deeply within me; and, as I read her account, I had the
sense I was hearing truth spoken, finally! I was recently privileged to hear Ms. Danison speak in person and found her personal account of her
profoundly life-changing experience surprisingly candid and honest, thus, very credible - a woman who needed to do something with the knowledge
she was given during her incredible journey and in so doing, she's become God's Messenger. This is a book I will return to over and over again."

Review at, 6/29/08:
"With this thought, I highly recommend "Backwards-Returning to Our Source for Answers," by Nanci Danison, a near-death experiencer of the tenth
degree! . . . This book is mind-boggling, however, I sense it is our time to awaken, and, thus, many are being chosen to have such experience to
help point the way. . . Ms. Danison's experience is the most in-depth I have ever read and she is a very skilled wordsmith."
Midwest Book Review 4/6/09:
"Forward thinking is fine in all, but one can find many answers just by looking back. 'Backwards Guidebook' is a second in a series called
'Backwards.' Asking many of life's questions, ranging from God to the meaning of life, Danison and company keep it secular while waxing
philosophical in ways that will tax the mind, but leave it better from the exercise. A strong choice for those looking for answers about life,
the universe, and everything, 'Backwards Guidebook' is a definite purchase for those who have read the first and enjoyed it."

The "BACKWARDS Guidebook" is a companion piece to Ms. Danison's critically acclaimed book "BACKWARDS: Returning to Our Source
for Answers." The Guidebook takes us deeper into Ms. Danison's personal encounter with the Source of all of creation, and provides
more detailed explanations of the new spiritual truths brought forward in her first book. The Guidebook incorporates exercises designed
to explore the reader's current spiritual beliefs and help guide them to a higher level of perspective--that of the Source itself.---Jody
Long, JD, Near-Death Research Foundation,

"Nanci does an excellent job of expounding on her first book and provides more insight into her revelations and experience. I highly
recommend it.--Herman "on the path" on
The BACKWARDS Guidebook, A Companion to BACKWARDS: ISBN: 978-1-934482-02-5. $15.95 + S&H
(A.P. Lee & Co., Ltd. 2009).

Guidebook continues the story of Nanci's afterlife adventure, adding new details and additional "knowings" about the
meaning of life and death from Universal Knowledge. The
Guidebook also includes questions and discussions designed to
help the reader understand the new spiritual truths Nanci offers.

The two books together started out as one lengthy manuscript that had to be the complete picture of most of Nanci's
afterlife experience. (Future books will include additional portions of the experience.)


Preface, Acknowledgements                      8/ Reeducation
Part I - We Have It Backwards                    9/ Self Healing
1/ Backwards View                                     10/ Stop Judging
2/ What is God?                                         11/ Treat Each Other Responsibly
3/ What am I?                                             12/ Manifest Consciously
4/ What is the Purpose of Life?                  Part III - What Happens When We Die?
Part II - Applying the Lessons Learned       13/ Death as a Process
5/ Wake UP!                                                14/ Nanci's Death
6/ Who's in Charge?                                    15/ Aftermath
7/ What Is and Isn't Unconditional Love       16/ Conclusion

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BACKWARDS Beliefs: Revealing Eternal Truths Hidden in Religions is a 198-page hard cover book with dust jacket.
ISBN: 978-1-934482-10-0, $19.95 + S&H.

BACKWARDS Beliefs resolves the conundrum of how to be both a spiritual and a religious person through one afterlife
experiencer’s quest to harmonize truths she learned in the afterlife with her Christian roots.

While she was in the afterlife, the author witnessed a documentary-style vision of religious history nestled within the entire
life cycle of planet Earth, including Earth’s future destruction.
BACKWARDS Beliefs provides an incredible peek into
religious history as it actually happened, a gift granted in the afterlife in response to the author’s concern that what she
had learned by dying contradicted her Christian religious beliefs.

BACKWARDS Beliefs draws side-by-side comparisons between some of the universal truths the author, and other afterlife
experiencers, learned and what the Judeo-Christian religious tradition offers. Together, this material paints a compelling
and believable portrait of God and the afterlife that may surprise you, and challenge your long-held beliefs. This first-of-a-
kind book reconciles some divergent spiritual vs. religious viewpoints with simple, clear, and easy to understand
explanations of how eternal truths became hidden treasures in human belief systems.

BACKWARDS Beliefs traces parts of religious history as Source perceives it—with unconditional love. The reader will
witness firsthand the universe’s creation, early man’s need for gods and religions, the roles religious messengers have
played, the origin of the Christian churches, Earth’s future, and more.

Table of Contents:

My Death
1/   Dying to Know Where Religion Fits In
2/   Creation of the Universe
3/   Our True Origins
4/   No Warrior Angels, Devil or Hell
5/   Humans Get Souls
6/   The First Humans' Beliefs
7/   Gods of the Current Epoch
8/   Old Testament Times
9/   Conception of a Creator God
10/ New Testament Times
11/ Jesus Cast as Messiah
12/ Early "Christian" Groups
13/ The Christian Church Organizes
14/ Christianity Spreads
15/ Earth's Future and End
16/ Religion Is For Humans
17/ Our Place in the Universe

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Updated 11/4/20
Midwest Book Review 5/11/12:
"'Backwards Beliefs' is a spiritual and metaphysical read that shouldn't be overlooked by those intrigued about the spiritual faith and the afterlife."

Kirkus Reviews 11/15/11:
"In her third book concerning near-death experiences, the author sets out to compare the spiritual truths she learned during the experience with ideas
from organized religion. She describes realizing or remembering truths about the universe, witnessing the Big Bang and understanding that beings are
not truly individuals but manifestations of God. . . . Readers interested in near-death experiences may find the book compelling for its depiction of

Publishers Weekly 10/17/11:
"During a near-death experience, Danison connected with Source (her term for a universal spirit in which all of creation resides) and viewed the entirety
of human religious history. Additionally, she came to realize the ways her Judeo-Christian upbringing misled her and how people use organized religion
for personal gain. Danison conveys a message of universal love and hope, and encourages readers to abandon any fear of death and be skeptical of
people using religion to advance nonspiritual agendas or claim exclusive license over the truth. She also provides a summary of the evolution of the
Judeo-Christian tradition to highlight where humanity has erred in the path from universal truth."

Review on 2/5/09:
"If God is love, then God loves this book. This is a masterpiece; it is second-to-none, the magnum opus of the near-death experience genre of books in
particular--and I have read the vast majority of them myself since the opening bell was rung by Ray Moody, MD with "Life After Life: The Investigation of
a Phenomenon-Survival of Bodily Death. . . Specifically, I have never, ever been so inspired upon reading an NDE that tells it like it is so forcefully from
a scientific and spiritual perspective. This testimony has teeth; it does not mince words. . ."
Answers From The Afterlife is a 268-page trade paperback, ISBN 978-1-934482-37-7, $18.95 plus S&H (A.P. Lee &
Co., Ltd. 2016), that brings new light from the afterlife to traditional beliefs about God/Source, the purpose of life and
reincarnation, life in the afterlife, reincarnation, ghosts, psychics, angels, the devil, soulmates, suicide, evil, and much

Answers collects the author's answers to readers' questions posed through YouTube comments and personal e-mails,
and includes all of her monthly newsletter articles from 2009-2014.
Answers  provides more in-depth and detailed
Knowings from the afterlife on various topics raised by readers that are not covered in the
BACKWARDS series of


Acknowledgements                                                        11/  Evil
1/  Getting Answers in the Afterlife                                 12/  Religious Beliefs
2/  What Death Teaches Us                                           13/  The Death Process
3/  Source's Nature                                                        14/  Suicide
4/  Creation                                                                    15/  Ghosts and After-death communications
5/  Light Beings                                                              16/  The Afterlife
6/  Soulless Humans                                                      17/  Life Review
7/  Animals                                                                     18/  Evolution
8/  The Purpose of Life                                                  19/ Reincarnation
9/  Humans                                                                     20/  Hell
10/ Mating and Love                                                       21/  My Near-death Experiences

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Create a New Reality--Move Beyond Law of Attraction Theory is a 214-page trade paperback, ISBN
978-1-934482-38-4, $16.95 plus S&H (A.P. Lee & Co., Ltd. 2018), that recounts how the author received information
about manifesting while in the afterlife, the fact that she manifested three Earth-like environments simply by thinking
them, and the Knowings she received about how our spiritual power as parts of Source can be used to consciously
create a better physical reality for our host human bodies, including using manifesting to self-heal.


1/  What is Reality?                                                        7/  True Manifesting Stories
2/  Afterlife Lessons in Manifesting                                 8/  Manifesting Makes No Mistakes
3/  What is Manifesting?                                                 9/  Co-creating
4/  Law of Attraction Theories                                        10/  Manifest Self-Healing
5/  Consciously Manifest Physical Reality                       11/  Troubleshooting
6/  Improve Your Unconscious Manifesting                     12/  You Can Create a New Life

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