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Dear Readers: I love to hear from my readers and YouTube viewers. I also like to hear about
your own NDE and NDE-like experiences.  I try to answer as many of your questions about
my books as I can via my monthly newsletter, e-mail, or in posted YouTube comments. You
can e-mail me at I will respond as I am able. I automatically
add anyone who e-mails me to my free monthly newsletter article distribution. You can easily
opt out if you don't want to receive the articles answering readers' questions.

I have gotten so many requests for assistance with manifesting that I have decided to offer
"Manifesting Coaching" sessions, for a fee that will be used to offset the high cost of
publishing my books. See the Workshops tab and my other website,

Please do not send me long messages asking me to discuss philosophical or spiritual
points as I do not have time to read, digest, and respond to them. I do print them out but so
far have not gotten to many of them.

I may be contacted to schedule speaking engagements or interviews at:  

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