About Me
Spiritual Author
     Nanci Danison
Before retirement, I was a practicing health lawyer and former litigator for 36 years,
first with a prestigious, Midwestern 270-attorney regional law firm, and then as a solo
practitioner. I was listed from 1998-2020 in the
Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, a
listing of the 5% of U.S. attorneys voted by their peers to have "A" level legal skills and
very high ethics. I was also named one of Central Ohio's "Top Lawyers" for 2009-2020
in the practice areas of Medicare/Medicaid law and health care law by Columbus CEO
Magazine. In 1998, I was listed in
Who’s Who in American Law for recognized
leadership and competency.

After graduating a Catholic high school with honors, I earned a BA in Psychology
magna cum laude and a BS in Biology/Chemistry magna cum laude from Morris Harvey
College (now the University of Charleston). My Doctorate in Jurisprudence is from The
Ohio State University College of Law.

Prior to 1994, I devoted nearly all my attention to developing a national reputation in
the fields of Medicare fraud defense and general health law. I did, however, find time to
help others. My community service included positions on the Boards of Directors of
the National Kidney Foundation of Ohio, Inc., the Gestalt Institute of Ohio, the
Columbus Cancer Center, and National Church Residences (which builds affordable
housing). I also represented the local Bar Association on TV interview segments on a
couple of local TV stations' Noon News for several years.

Now I devote significant time to disseminating the spiritual information I gained during
a very extensive afterlife experience, which followed my death in March 1994 from
anaphylactic shock during an invasive radiological procedure, and several brief
subsequent afterlife visits. To date, I have published 5  books, 20 CDs and DVDs, a
monthly free electronic newsletter article that answers my readers' questions, and
twenty-some YouTube videos. Some of my workshops and some upcoming radio
show interviews are detailed on the Workshops Tab.

I went into the Light as a semi-practicing Catholic and returned with all my beliefs
turned upside down and backwards. Nothing I experienced or learned in the afterlife
confirmed any of my former (kind of scary) religious beliefs, the human origin of which
I witnessed in the form of a documentary-type review of Earth history. In its place, I
was given a much simpler, kinder, more loving (but completely unlike human thinking)
explanation of God/Source and its purpose for creating the universe. At the end of my
life-changing sojourn in the Light, I voluntarily returned to human life to share the
information I had gained. A few months after my return, I left the security of my big law
firm and set up my own firm so that I would have the freedom to both practice law and
bring forth my spiritual messages. Surviving death erased my fears of death. So I
started doing the things fear had always held me back from enjoying. I earned a
private pilot's license when I was 50, and became a licensed private detective at 55.

My beyond death experience provided me with the unique opportunity to view human
life from the perspective of one who has transformed into a Being of Light, like the
Beings of Light other near-death experiencers encounter. During my afterlife
experience, I accessed Universal Knowledge (Source's knowledge) to answer my
questions about who I am, who God is, where heaven and hell are, the purpose of life,
why I'm on Earth, and what the one true religion is. Later, while merging into the
Source of Creation, I adapted to its universal viewpoint. Through these perspectives, I
have learned the true meaning of life, how to consciously manifest physical reality, to
hold multiple simultaneous levels of self-awarenesss, to access Universal Knowledge
on a wide variety of subjects at will, to recognize and experience unconditional love,
to apply self-healing techniques, and to utilize many other abilities natural to us all in
our spiritual state.  Just at the moment when I was to merge fully and finally into
Source and dissolve, I decided to return to the body to bring back messages of hope
and love.

Apparently, once one has been out-of-body during an NDE, it is easier to do it again. I
have been out-of-body and/or returned to the Light several times since 1994. For
example, I returned to the afterlife shortly after my 1994 NDE to meet with the council
of Light Beings who monitor my progress on my mission to share with anyone who
will listen what I learned in the afterlife. They said I wasn't doing my job and I should
"get with the program." That is when I started speaking and writing about my time in
heaven. I returned to meet my council in the afterlife again in 2001 when my body was
very near death from low blood sodium. The council told me I had failed at my mission
but that it wouldn't be held against me if I wanted to come home. They said if I returned
to Nanci's body, the body and I would suffer for the rest of her life. Like an idiot, I
chose the suffering, which has indeed come to pass. But that is when I started writing
the 700 page manuscript that was eventually broken down into my first three books.

During my first cancer surgery in 2011 (lumpectomy), I got out-of-body and wandered
around the pre-op suite until I saw the surgical team in the OR. I said to myself: "Oh,
I'm supposed to be in there." But then I noticed that my body was already on the
operating table and jumped back into it. The next month, during a radical mastectomy
and lymph node dissecton, I again got out-of-body during surgery. I saw three people
standing at the head of the operating table and heard one of them say, "what a
beautiful incision." My anesthesiologist confirmed the next day not only the location
of each person I saw, but that she was the one who had made that comment.

I am now a 9-year survivor of stage 3 metastatic breast cancer and am looking for new
ways to share my messages from Source/God.

N.L. Danison 2016

(updated 11/4/20)