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   Nanci Danison

Interview by Ted Henry (ABC News)
ISBN 978-1-934482-16-2 (AP Lee & Co., Ltd. 2008)
This DVD is no longer available. Most of the interview appears in 5 segments on
Nanci Danison's YouTube channel

Cleveland Channel 5 anchorman Ted Henry interviewed me on my afterlife experience, books,
and  thoughts on the messages I feel are most important to us all as we make our way through
these human lives. Mr. Henry has also interviewed Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and
many spiritual authors and speakers. So I felt very honored by his interest in my work.

Nanci Danison at Edgar Cayce A.R.E.
DVD - 1 1/2 hours    $9.95       
ISBN # 978-1-934482-17-9 (AP Lee & Co., Ltd. 2008)

This DVD is my afterlife experience account, as recorded by an audience member when I spoke
at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA in August '08. I
describe the chronology and content of my afterlife adventure in detail, including the spiritual
truths I was given, including the meaning of life. I also answered many questions from the
audience. Interestingly, I am accompanied during this talk by two glowing yellow fields of Light
that blink in and out against the light blue background behind me. I had asked my deceased
parents to help me get through this traumatic reliving of the events, so I think they are the Lights.
This is an amateur quality DVD.

What Happens When We Die? (© N. L. Danison)
DVD - 1 hour - $14.99
ISBN # 978-1-934482-24-7 (AP Lee & Co., Ltd. 2009)

On this DVD, I relive my own death and afterlife experience, and relate the steps or stages of the
transition from human life to the "afterlife," based upon my own experience as well as published
near-death experience research. I describe an orderly process that we all follow to raise our
perspective and understanding from that of a human to our true nature as spiritual beings. The
process may, but does not have to, include going into darkness, seeing a Light, entering into the
Light, meeting loved ones, having a life review, transforming into a Being of Light (our spiritual
form), reclaiming memories of other physical lifetimes, and continuing to grow in love and
understanding until we merge back into Source. This DVD was recorded during a live workshop
in Sage Sisters Store (gift shop).

The Meaning of Life  (© N. L. Danison)
2 Hi Def DVDs - 1 3/4 hour    $19.99   
ISBN # 978-1-934482-28-5 (AP Lee & Co., Ltd. 2010)

In this live workshop, I detail what I learned about creation of the universe and the true meaning
of life from God/Source itself, obtained during my afterlife experience in 1994. The content of
these DVDs comes from the "knowings" I received while merging into Source/God. On these
DVDs, I discuss why Source created separate personalities within itself (us) and why we have
chosen to enter into human animals to share their lives. Topics covered include the spiritual
meaning of life, karma, destiny, the theory that we are here to learn, and the belief that we are
held accountable in the afterlife for what we do on Earth. These DVDs were recorded during a
live workshop in Sage Sisters Store (gift shop).
Afterlife Experience Overviews

Meaning of Life

Our Spiritual Abilities

Our 5 Spiritual Superpowers   (© N. L. Danison)
DVD - 50 mins    $9.99     
ISBN # 978-1-934482-30-8 (AP Lee & Co., Ltd. 2010)

This DVD is designed to empower and entertain you with a summary of five of our innate
spiritual powers still available to us (in reduced form) while we are in human bodies. This live
presentation at the 2010 Universal Light Expo hits the highlights of multiple simultaneous levels
of awareness, manifesting, accessing universal knowledge, self healing and unconditional love.
This amateur DVD was recorded during a live presentation at the Universal Light Expo in
Columbus, Ohio and has background noise.

Be Your Own Psychic   (© N. L. Danison)
2 Hi Def DVDs - 1 3/4 hour    $19.99     
ISBN # 978-1-934482-31-5 (AP Lee & Co., Ltd. 2011)

These DVDs from a live workshop reveal what I learned during my afterlife experience about
our innate spiritual ability to access all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe. I explain the
various types of Universal Knowledge -- from truths about life, death, and the afterlife to
information about other people that psychics pick up -- and explain how to access each type.
Topics include how to read other people, how to "communicate with the dead" the way psychics
do, and how to achieve a mindset that will enable you to get answers and guidance from
Universal Knowledge. The second CD ends in a meditation designed to get you into the right
mindset to access Universal Knowledge. NOTE: These amateur DVDs were shot during a live
workshop in a yoga studio with low lighting.

Manifesting: Creation, Not Attraction   (© N. L. Danison)
2 Hi Def DVDs - 1 3/4 hour    $19.99     
ISBN # 978-1-934482-29-2 (AP Lee & Co., Ltd. 2010)

These 2 DVDs detail how Source, and we as its Light Being extensions, manifest the physical
world that humans experience as reality. The content of these DVDs comes from my experience
of instantly manifesting while in the afterlife, as well as "knowings" I received about manifesting,
while accessing Universal Knowledge. In this video of a live workshop, I discuss the principles of
manifesting, how and why it works, and how to more consciously control one's manifestations
through the application of attention and intention. The class includes discussion about
misperceptions about manifesting contained in books like "The Secret" and the Abraham books
that claim there is a Law of Attraction in operation instead of manifesting. These DVDs were
recorded during a live workshop in Sage Sisters Store (gift shop).
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